1896: Ohdner Brunsviga Schuster Calculator Serial 3406 abt 1896.

This is an Ohdner Brusviga model B, but re-badged by Schuster.

Dating this machine requires some deduction, based in part on production runs and in part on comparison with other machines. There were 27308 of the B series machines made between. 1892–1927 (ie over 35 years), if we assume that production increased at 10 percent per year then the initial production would have been 560 machines and a total of 3,354 would have been made by 1894. There is an existing list of Brunsviga models which shows that the B series (B, BI and BK) of Brunsviga (9×8x13) calculators began in 1892 while the A series (9×10×13) began in 1895. Another machine, Brunsviga B serial number 2419 is alleged to be from 1895/6 with 1895 favoured in Brunsviga B - Rechnerlexikon (Bölter). Note that the serial number 4153 Brunsviga is dated by Bolter as 1899. Confusingly, the less patents listed on the side of a machine the earlier it is likelier to be. This machine has less patents on its side than Brunsviga B serial number 2419. It is possible the company reserved a section of the serial numbers for export and re-badged sales.

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